Backyard Bound

 Backyard Bound

One of our amazing counselors will visit your child(ren) and engage in unique, exciting camp activities that only the summer brings. Combining sports instruction and games, campers will also learn new cheers, circle games, and new lanyard stitches along with other camp activities, all while spending time with one of our phenomenal staff members. Additional activities include scavenger hunts, dance parties, circle games, relay races, etc.

Families may add an Enrichment Intensive with an Experienced Specialists
such as Art, STEM, Cooking, Dance and More. Choose one of our amazing one-hour enrichment to add to your camp day.

Sample Backyard Bound Camp 2-Hour Program
9:00 AM – Morning Circle and Camp Cheer
9:15 AM – Fun with Fitness
9:30 AM – Sports Instruction or Games 
  10:30 AM – Learning Lanyard
(More sporty kids can participate in skills competition or alternative games)
10:50 AM – Closing Circle

If you want to add an Extra Hour for an Enrichment
11:00 AM – Enrichment activity (optional and limited)

Our curriculum is designed for the camper that just loves camp. From the whimsical to the obsessed, our campers love to cheer, play and have the time of their lives. They embrace the activities and look forward  to camp every day. 

Limit of 8 participants per camp. Campers will be split into groups of 4 and socially distance themselves with in the group.

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Enrichment Options

Many families like to mix in an Enrichment Intensive with an Experienced Specialist
such as Art, STEM, Cooking, Dance and more. Choose from one of our amazing one-hour enrichment programs to add to your camp day.

Enrichment Add on – $200/wk per participant. ​

Get your groove on with one of our dance specialists who will get you shaking and moving to your favorite tunes. Grab a patch of grass and your closest friends and learn the latest dance moves with one of the best in the business.

Candy Sushi is just what the doctor ordered. Grab a seat at the table and Chef /Counselor will bring all the ingredients right to your backyard. All necessary prep will be done prior to class and will be distributed upon arrival. Gloves and masks will be provided. All campers will receive copies of their recipes as a keepsake.

Grab your white clothes, a smock for protection and let our specialist help you create masterpieces. Summercamp2u will provide gloves, all dyes and instructions on how to wash and maintain the best trend to come out of this pandemic.

We bring the canvas and the paints. You bring your creative genius. Spend the hour creating a visual masterpiece while enjoying time with friends and our favorite art teachers!

Memorize monologues, learn new lyrics, or act out your favorite scenes. All those that participate in our drama program will have the opportunity to be part of our weekly virtual talent show!  Let our drama teacher bring her expertise to your doorstep for an hour of non-stop fun. 

Who doesn’t need a little Namaste right about now? Our resident yoga expert will bring her fabulous zen ​and take the kids through different poses and bring peace and calm to their amazing day. 

As we’re pretty positive you’ll fall in love with each of our amazing staff members,
you can have your counselor stay for an extra hour of fun. What’s better than that?

Steam Academy

These special programs include all the materials for an incredible week. They run for
3 hours/day for one week.

Making the Shot – Get active while exploring the science of baseball, soccer, football, ping pong, bowling and more! Explore the physics, mathematics, and engineering associated with sports. Leverage your knowledge to design and build the ultimate trick shot!

Art Lab – Take an adventure through exciting and diverse art projects. Draw, scribble, collage and print your journey. Bring your art to life while developing skills like charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, paper, clay, chalk, and ink.

Drone Academy – Prepare for this emerging industry by learning how drones fly and apply the knowledge to piloting one. Develop your knowledge of flight science and circuitry. Discover applications for these robots and invent new ideas that incorporate these awesome machines. Design and race through your own obstacle course.

Craft Engineer Challenge – Develop basic crafting skills then apply this knowledge to compete in many unique imaginative engineering and design challenges. Discover the science of craft materials such as Velcro, glue, scissors, cardboard, paper, tape and more. Make a variety of creatures and discover how what you create relates to other things in your world. Experiment with your creations to fly farther, bounce higher, race faster and shine brighter.

Flight Technology – Learn about aeronautic pioneers and leave this course understanding the technology, design, and skills needed to launch various aircraft. Develop and test parachutes, gliders, airplanes, water rockets, and solid fuel rockets.

Mad Science Chemistry – Experience the magic and fun of chemistry through interactive experiments. Prepare to get dirty during this week of eruptions, explosions, and excitement!

Lead with STEAM – Explore leadership and confidence through STEAM challenges designed to inspire creativity, build resilience, increase courage, and cultivate problem solving skills. Practice collaboration, teamwork, and problem resolution while engineering a raft and building a catapult.

Sustainable Survival – Learn about magnets and how compasses work. Take this knowledge to navigate through the yard as you learn orienteering skills. Discover how solar energy can be utilized to build solar ovens and solar cars. Discover the basics of architecture and implement this knowledge in building a survival structure.

Duct Tape, Rubber Band And Cardboard Engineer – Build and design with these three common household materials. Invent and play mini golf holes. Test your bridge building skills. Defend your castle from the catapults you build. Discover geometric shapes in building while investigating geodesic domes.

Steam Academy Programs are 450.00/week